2022 Q1

  • Finished up and released the Img8 protocol phase1 development
  • Finished up the Linkstorage protocol MVP
  • Documenting

2022 Q2

  • Rebranded and merged Img8 and Linkstorage to Omnidata protocol
  • Started using
  • Added cross-chain data feeding
  • Dashboard development

2022 Q3

  • Keep enhancing the Omnidata protocol
  • Brand new Omnidata website launch
  • Start to build store documents data

2022 Q4

  • Keep working on the JSON documents storage layer
  • Build APIs/SDK
  • Publish a public Alpha version and get developers on-board to test


  • Community feedback collection and features enhancing
  • Omnidata mainnet launch
  • Many more……
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